The first step to killing the “Selfie” is recognizing the voice of the Spirit. This can be very difficult to do because we are inoculated with messages, texts, tweets, bleeps, chirps, and twerps every day! I want to give you 4 tips on how to recognize which voice is the “Selfie” and which is the Spirit. This next week at church we’re going to focus on how to RECOGNIZE the voice of the Spirit. We also did a series last Fall where we talked about how to hear God’s voice. It was EXCELLENT! We called it The Voice and you can listen to it here.

1. Position yourself to listen to the Spirit
One of the reasons we can’t hear the voice of God in our lives is because we’re never in position to hear it. When was the last time you sat down alone and just got quiet?? When was the last time you shut your phone off and stayed off your computer? When was the last time you just took a walk to talk to Jesus? If you’re like me you’re mach 6 with your hair on fire all the time and you barely have time to sit and just listen. I love this bit by comedian Louis CK from Conan. I think it perfectly demonstrates how scared we are of silence!

2. Familiarize yourself with the types of things the Spirit says
One thing I’ve realized as I’ve grown older is that I’ve started saying things my dad used to say that annoyed the crap out of me! My dad used to say a certain phrase when he got mad at people while driving. Someone would cut him off in traffic and he would yell out “Some people’s kids!! Geez!”

I don’t even know what that means! But the other day I SAID IT!! And then I said, “Dangit! That sounded like something my dad would say!” The reason I picked up on that phrase is because of years of spending time with him and hearing him say it.

The only way we begin to recognize the voice of the Spirit over the voice of the “Selfie” or the voices of others in our lives is by spending time with Jesus and getting familiar with His voice! The only way to get familiar with His voice is to read what he says in The Bible! Jesus speaks through His Word. He always has, and always will! Reading your Bible consistently is the quickest way to familiarize yourself with the Spirit’s voice

3. Understand Volume Levels
Usually the “Selfie” speaks LOUDLY! It likes to scream at you, and it speaks incessantly! The Spirit on the other hand is usually a “still, small voice.” Knowing this helps you to turn down the “Selfie” and turn up the Spirit!

4. Understand the difference between Condemnation and Conviction
Let me ask you something. Does the voice you listen to sound CONDEMNING or CONVICTING? Because there is a huge difference! The “Selfie” talks in a CONDEMNING voice. The Spirit talks in a CONVICTING voice. There is one way to distinguish these two.

The Selfie often uses the voice of CONDEMNATION which reminds you of what you did in your PAST and what a terrible person you are because of that. The Spirit uses the voice of CONVICTION with reminds you of the FUTURE you have in Christ and corrects you in the thing/s you’re doing that will prevent that future.

- Davey Blackburn

Davey Blackburn is the lead pastor of Resonate Church. You can find him on Twitter at @daveyblackburn.