#FORINDY - Prayer Chalk

For most of us, it’s not uncommon to turn on the news or open Facebook and see yet another story of a church picketing something, or some new thing is being boycotted. Someone did something to make churchgoers mad, and now the church is going to make sure everyone knows about it. For many people outside the walls of the church, that’s what a Christian looks like - someone who is know for being against things.

That’s not how Jesus was, though. The people who were farthest from God and the church of the time felt drawn to Him, and they’d go to great lengths to hear Him speak. The reason is simple: Jesus made it clear that He was FOR them.

That is the heart of #FORINDY, the movement that we’ve been working through recently. As a church and as Christians, we want the people of our city to know that, no matter what they’ve done or who they are, we are FOR them because ultimately Jesus is FOR them! This Friday, we’ll have an amazing opportunity to display that to our city.

At 8pm on Friday, August 21st, we’ll meet at the parking lot of Northview Middle School for a time of prayer and worship. From there, we’ll split up and cover some key locations around the city, writing simply #FORINDY in chalk along the sidewalks. You may remember that Davey has challenged us to be doing Random Acts of Kindness and posting them to our social media accounts with the hashtag #FORINDY. When people see this new hashtag all over town and wonder what it is, they’ll look it up and see clear evidence of a church that is FOR them. This is such a great way to communicate to our city that we are FOR them because Jesus is FOR them!

This is going to be huge! When we did this last year with a much smaller crew, it snowballed so much that we were contacted by multiple news stations to do stories on it! That’s awesome! Thousands of people got to hear that Jesus is FOR them because of a few people praying over the city and then taking action to spread the message. We’ve grown a lot as a church since then, and that means we can reach even more people. Our church is going to change this city, and this is a huge step towards that!

We hope you’ll join us at 8pm on Friday, August 21st at the parking lot of Northview Middle School. You won’t want to miss the chance to be a part of the exciting things God is going to do through this event! Let’s get out there and show our city that no matter what, Jesus is FOR them!


#FORINDY - WISH-TV from Resonate Church on Vimeo.