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The second step to killing the “Selfie” is to REPLACE what it’s saying with what God says. Once we recognize there are two dueling natures inside of us and we […]


The first step to killing the “Selfie” is recognizing the voice of the Spirit. This can be very difficult to do because we are inoculated with messages, texts, tweets, bleeps, […]

As for Number 4…

I know I drove some of you ABSOLUTELY CRAZY on Sunday when I told you you had to wait for number 4 this past week. And I’m going to drive […]

Discovering Your Purpose

As a pastor the primary question people ask me is “How do I discover my purpose in life?” Normally when someone ask this, he is referring to finding a career […]

Evangelism or Discipleship?

There is a big debate going on in the church today. It’s the same debate that’s been going on for a couple decades now. Here it is: Should the church […]

How Resonate Started

In this special edition of the podcast, Davey tells the story of how God called him to start Resonate Church.

Girls Gone Wild Week 3 - Girl Talk

Every one of us can probably be described with one word: tired. This week, Davey talks to Amanda Blackburn and Ashley Barrett about what it looks like to balance serving […]

#FORINDY Week 2 - Don’t FORget

As we continue our #FORINDY series, Davey reminds us of the commintments it takes to truly be a church that is FOR the people that God is FOR.

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