Amanda Grace Blackburn was a beautiful, gracious, loving woman of God. During a home invasion on November 10, 2015, Amanda suffered a gunshot wound and was left critically injured. The next day Amanda and her unborn daughter, Everette “Evie” Grace Blackburn, passed away as a result of her injuries.

In 2012 Amanda moved back to Indianapolis, Indiana with her husband, Davey, to start Resonate Church. Davey and Amanda planted Resonate Church in Indianapolis with the intention of creating life change through Christ for the residents of Indianapolis.

Amanda made it her life’s calling to love and serve everyone she knew. Even more, she has made it her life’s mission to see as many people as possible come to know Jesus as their personal Savior. In her death and legacy, we truly believe that even more people will come to a saving faith in Christ.

We ask that as you remember and honor Amanda that you share her story with those who need the hope that she found in Jesus.

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