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#FORINDY Week 1 - FOR People

God is FOR people, and in the first week of our #FORINDY series, Davey breaks down how we too can be FOR the people of our city.

Elisha Week 1 - Double The Commitment

In the first installment of the Double Portion series, Davey discusses three principles that explore what it means to truly ask God for a Double Portion of His presence.

How to Hug a Vampire Week 4 - Hard to Love

In the final installment of the How to Hug a Vampire series, Davey unpacks three very important principles that help guide us through dealing with people who are hard to […]

Strapped Week 5 - The Grip of Greed

Greed is a tough thing to identify and overcome in our hearts. This week, Davey talks about the key to overcoming the grip of greed and getting the most out […]

Strapped Week 4 - The Waste of Worry

Worrying about your finances can be a constant battle. This week Davey talks about how worry takes care of it’s self when we take responsibility for what we can, and […]

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